Female Workers In Beijing Forced To Kiss Male Boss Every Morning

Boss claims rule will improve working relationships. We disagree.

Female Workers In Beijing Forced To Kiss Male Boss Every Morning

by Sabrina Sahota |
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Female employees at a company in Beijing have been made to engage in a strange morning practice before starting their working day. Every morning between 9am to 9:30am female staff line up in front of their male boss and have to greet him with a kiss.

The boss at the company claims he saw the idea when travelling in the United States, who used the rule to help foster a stronger relationship between employees and managers. He says the implementation of the practice will also help boost employee morale.


The home brewery equipment company is composed of mainly women. While some of them were reluctant to follow the rule (with two female employees refusing to engage in the practice and resigning as a result), many of the female employees obviously felt like they had no choice but to give in to their employer's demands, as seen in a videoshowing female members of staff kissing their boss.

Users on popular Chinese social media website Weibo reacted angrily to the shocking video with comments labelling the boss a ‘perv’ and asking ‘how can these female workers accept this?

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