Feel Like Everything In Your Life Is Changing? It’s Because Of The Blood Moon

Your life might feel weird right now, and that's because of the supermoon blood moon everyone's on about

Feel Like Everything In Your Life Is Changing? It's Because Of The Blood Moon

by Stevie Martin |
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Just like when Mercury in retrograde and all your technology explodes (this totally happens and if you're an astrology cynic, why the hell did you click into this article?) last night's lunar eclipse, resulting in a supermoon blood moon, means some fairly significant things for your life and your world and your land. Mainly because it’s the fourth in a tetrad of blood moons, according to Space.com(great URL), and the last supermoon bloodmoon occurred in 1982 which is why loads of religious sects believed the world would end last night. Thankfully it didn't, but your old life probably did, leading the way for a whole new you, maaaan. If you believe in it all, that is. If not, go read something about the Pope or soil acidity.

Here's what to expect now the last eclipse until 2033 has occurred.

A finality in your relationships

There's probably been a lot of upheaval in terms of friendships, relationships, past or current partners, and 'significant events' (vague) brewing around each of the previous eclipses. But now, with this final one, everything should feel like it has reached a conclusion. All that shit has hit the fan or, at the very least, you now know what you have to do in order to reach a conclusion. Your life before the eclipse is very different from your life after the eclipse, and stuff should start to settle down now.

A deeper understanding, dude

If you've been floating about not quite sure what the fuck to do with your life, then raise a glass to yourself, because you're going to figure it out either right now or very, very soon. No more shall you float about. Unless your calling in life is to be a professional floating person, in which case, float. Apparently, though, the shift in knowledge is pretty powerful and might knock you sideways out of your chair (metaphorically).

You'll have to work on communication

Because Mercury is in retrograde until October 9th, you'll be pushed to communicate in different ways in order to move forward. Also a good idea to stop doing things just to serve your own interests and think about other people. Pretty straightforward.

You need to embrace the changes

Even if they've been brewing for a while, now is the time to go full pelt into these changes. Go mad, go balls-out, and reap the benefits. Life is not the same anymore, according to the big ole moon, and you need to accept that if your life is going to improve massively. Also, it's a good idea to see things as a little bit out of your control right now - life is essentially living the crap out of you, and you can't really do anything about it other than go with the flow. So go with the flow.


(it wouldn't be a supermoon without a bit of Keane)

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