The Fault In Our Stars Didn’t Do Very Well In India, So They’re Making A Bollywood Version

The studio believes movie-goers will connect with it that way


by Fiona Byrne |
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It did amazingly well around the world, but for some reason The Fault In Our Stars wasn’t as well received in India, taking in under $1m at the box office. That, we assume, isn’t great by Indian movie-going standards.

In any case, Fox Star Studios India has an answer to this: they will simply remake it as a Bollywood movie! That is, with singing, dancing and an all-Indian cast. The CEO of the studio, Vijay Singh, is very much aware that teens are obsessed with the story, but figures its appeal will have a better reach if they create their own version. ‘The story resonates with the emotions of today's youth and has found universal appeal. We are excited to adapt the film for Bollywood and can't wait to get started,’ he said. None of the stars have been cast yet, and they haven't decided who will direct either.

The movie grossed $263m worldwide and was such a hit with fans that a bench used in one of the scenes was stolen from its spot in Amsterdam. Read our interview with Laura Dern, which explains why you need to see it, if you haven’t already. No judgement here, but seriously, how have you not seen it yet?

Oh, and that Bollywood version? They better bring that to our screens too, because we want all things Fault In Our Stars, all the time.

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