Father Of The Bride 3 To Be Based On A Gay Marriage Plot

Mainstream Hollywood is catching up with the times


by Fiona Byrne |
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The hugely successful Father of the Bride movie franchise from the 90's is making a return for a third installment, this time featuring a gay couple at the centre of the drama.

'Father' Steve Martin is slated to return for the movie, in which his son (played in the first two by a young Kieran Culkin) is now 29 years-old and engaged to be married to a US Navy Seal. The shit hits the fan when the conservative father finds out his son is —gasp — marrying a man.

The original Father of the Bride starred Elizabeth Taylor and was released in 1950. The remake came out in 1991 and the sequel in 1995, and were written by Nancy Meyers.

The latest plot is based around the conservative father’s intolerant reaction to the news. All we know is that he gets kicked out of the house by his wife. Naturally, he will come around and there will be a lesson about tolerance and acceptance, that even the most old-fashioned conservatives can change because love is love etc etc. That's our prediction, at least.

According to entertainment journalist Nikki Finke, Meyers passed on directing the third installment and instead original director Charlie Shyer will again take the helm.

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