This Facebook App Tells You Which Of Your Friends Like Donald Trump

Time for a friend cull

This Facebook App Tells You Which Of Your Friends Like Donald Trump

by Tabi Jackson Gee |
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Very few people have ever managed to unite Britain like Donald J Trump.

To date 517,461 people have signed a petition to ban him from UK entry, which means that MPs will now have to consider it for debate in parliament and write a written response.

A lot of the heated debate surrounding the hamster-headed politician is taking place on Facebook, with all sorts of important political discussion happening – expressed through the medium of memes.

But what about your friends that aren't joining in the discussion? What are THEY thinking? What happens if they actually.... like him?!

Well don't worry, you can now find out thanks to a new Facebook app that lets you see which of your friends literally ‘like’ the presidential candidate. Just type ‘Friends who like Donald J Trump’ into the search bar and bingo.

Just think – you can sleeep soundly tonight once you’ve hit the unfriend button on all the people you weren’t really friends with anyway – because you always suspected they had a dodgy moral compass.

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