Facebook To Add Snapchat-esque Filters

Are all our social media apps turning into the same thing?

Facebook To Add Snapchat-esque Filters

by Pola Namysl |
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Right now, you've probably got four main social media apps: Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. But are Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook becoming the same thing?

See, Facebook have introduced an in-app feature which allows you to take pictures and videos with filters and stickers (sound familiar?). The posts you make go to News Feed and your timeline just like any other posts.

This isn't the first instance of one of the big three social media apps borrowing features from the others. It wasn't too long ago that Snapchat decided to allow users to chat with friends (hello Facebook) and post pictures from your camera roll (hello Instagram).

And, last week, Instagram introduced Instagram Stories which are of course, already familiar to Snapchat users.

Apparently the reason for the Facebook update is that during the last year Facebook saw a 21% decline in the amount of ‘personal’ posts per user. What does that mean? People seem less keen to post updates about themselves on Facebook. Instead, they post about news or share articles from different website and they’d rather post personal info on apps with smaller audience- Snapchat, Instagram.

Can’t Facebook just stay Facebook and the other apps stay as what they originally were? Otherwise they might as well all meld into one big SnapFaceTagramBook.

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