Peach: The New Social Media App That Everyone’s Banging On About

Gotta admit, it’s pretty damn peachy.

Peach: The New Social Media App That Everyone's Banging On About

by Eve Simmons |

From the makers of Vine comes the latest social media obsession to distract us from dinnertime conversation and make family outings a bit more bearable. Developed by software savvy Dom Hofman, Peach is being hailed as the latest ‘slick’ (lol) app to take the digisphere to the next level. Recode even called it the ‘app du jour for the kids at the cool tech table’. Pretty bold claim.

But how does this fruity thing actually work? Will it take over from Twitter? And most importantly, why does it have such an utterly ridiculous name?! Here are the five things you need to know about the new ‘it’ app…

1. ‘Magic Words’ Are A Key Feature

Peach has integrated ‘code words’ which, when typed, instruct the app to complete a particular action. For instance, if you type ‘GIF’, Peach will automatically load a box whereby you can search for your appropriate (probably Mean Girls themed) GIF. Keep clicking the arrows until you find the perfect Gretchen Wieners visual that conveys ‘I really want a pizza tonight’, perfectly. And the magic doesn’t stop there. There are magic words for all sorts of stuff. For instance, type ‘SHOUT’ and you can write big, obtrusive snapchat-style messages over your posted image. Or if you feel the need to alert a friend to the Bieber banger you’re jamming to, type the word ‘SONG’. For the artistes, write ‘DRAW’ and doodle phallic images until your heart’s content. The list goes on, from alerting your followers of your remaining battery life, to posting the number of miles you’ve walked that day ( one for the braggers), the possibilities are endless.

2. Everything Is Out In The Open

No private messaging here guys. Similar to Twitter, each user has their own personal profile, but Peach posts to your entire following with no option of private messaging between a select number of users. Keep it clean people.

3. It Comes In Handy When You’ve Got Nothing Interesting To Say

Ah, the inevitable panic of a Tweet-less week. Everyone on your feed has been full of witty banter, collecting retweets like they’re bloody stamps. You scroll through Tumblr, searching desperately for something clever and lolz that will get you back in the ‘good at Twitter’ ranking, but there is NOTHING. Enter, Peach. The app’s helpful prompts in the form of a lightbulb icon provide you with helpful suggestions in times of banter-blanks. Granted, sometimes they’re a bit weird (e.g ‘what bottles are in your shower?’), but something is always better than nothing, right?

4. Be Sure To Assemble Your Squad

The makers of the app advise ‘assembling your squad’ in order to make the best of the app and all it’s magical functions. By clicking on the ‘activity icon’, you can see how others are interacting with your personal feed and then choose to respond in a number of fantastical ways. Hence, you kinda need your mates involved to have any actual fun.

5. Unlucky Android Users

As it stands, Peach is only available to download on iOS and is therefore unavailable for use on Android devices. However, according to Team Peach, the iOS version is merely ‘Phase 1’ and the clever kids are cooking up an Android version in the very near future. Peachy.

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