11 Easter Memes You Need For Social Media This Weekend For When You’re Too Hungover To Search

You're going to be having far too much fun to find amusing stuff to put on Insta this weekend so we've done it for you. Beg, borrow and steal all of them.

Every Easter Meme You Need For Social Media This Weekend For When You're Too Hungover To Search

by Jess Commons |
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Obviously, you 've got far better things to do this weekend than monitor your social media accounts. Things like; eating all of the chocolate, drinking yourself silly on a Sunday night and eating all of the food in your mum's fridge.

With this in mind, we've compiled your go-to list of Easter memes, ready to use on your social media RN.

1. Heading back home for Easter weekend like...


2. Walking through your parents' front door, straight to the fridge

From bigpaynis on Imgur

3. Realising you're not too old for your mum to buy you an Easter egg

From _Horchata on Reddit

4. Going out Saturday and forgetting you're seeing family on Easter Sunday

From ViperAS on Reddit

5. When your parents try and make you talk to family at Easter lunch

6. Walking into your living room to find the whole family like

From Oddgifts Instagram

7. When you want to spread the joy of Easter but there's to many pressing feminist issues you need to sort out first

From Ciuciupaj Instagram

8. Finishing all your easter eggs like

9. Easter Monday

10. When it's all finally over

11. When your colleagues ask how your Easter weekend went

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