The Many Ways The EU Could Now Make Life Difficult For The UK

Leaked Document Highlights Brussels' Power To Penalise The UK

The Many Ways The EU Could Now Make Life Difficult For The UK

by Tasha Kleeman |
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Another day, another depressing news story reminding us why Brexit was a terrible idea. Today’s offering? A leaked document revealing the laws that Brussels could impose on the UK during the two-year Brexit transition period.

The document, taken from a draft of the withdrawal agreement, grants the EU power to punish the UK unilaterally if any terms of the transition are breached, requesting a mechanism 'allowing the Union to suspend certain benefits deriving for the United Kingdom from participation in the internal market.' It would enable the EU to block the City from Europe’s financial markets, impose trade tariffs, and even to ground UK planes by suspending landing rights over its ‘single sky’ airspace. Oh good.

It would also see the UK bound by the EU’s renewable and efficiency targets (described by the government as not 'feasible') for up to a decade, subjecting it to laws whereby off-road vehicles would have to be insured, and every British household would be required to have four separate bins. It might also lead to ‘clearing houses’ for euros being moved from London to the Continent, potentially affecting tens of thousands of jobs and tens of billions in revenue. Basically, if the EU wants to, it could ensure that the Brexit process is as lengthy and as painful as possible.

The news is also likely to spark further bickering in an already deeply divided government.

In a characteristically crass and incorrect comparison, Nigel Farage warned of a 'Vichy Britain' future:

In the mean time, pictures have emerged of European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker and the EU’s chief Brexit negotiator Guy Verhofstadt having a lovely time at the European Parliament in France.

At least someone's having fun.

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