Here Are Some Essential Festival Survival Lessons From B.Traits

The Canadian DJ gives her guide to having the perfect festival


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We caught up with the Radio 1 and 1Xtra DJ after her set at Parklife and grilled her on how to to make sure your festival experience is tip top.

Canada gives good festival

‘In Canada, we don’t have too many festivals, but the few we do have are actually amazing. There is one in particular that I’m returning to this summer called Shambhala near my home town that is incredible!’

But the UK isn’t too shabby in that department, either

‘My favourite festivals here in the UK have to be Bestival and also Boomtown. I’ve played Bestival a few times now and its always a treat. I played at Boomtown for the first time last summer and it was one of the funnest sets of my life! I was DJ’ing in the Circus tent and the stage was fully kitted out like a city skyline and the DJ booth was up high in a building window. They had acrobats and dancers during my set and it really went perfectly with the carnival-influenced music I was playing all last summer.’

Having enough toilets is probably a good thing

‘I don’t think they brought in enough toilets at Boomtown because there were people peeing everywhere. I remember seeing the tall grass on the far side of the festival and girls kept poking up from the ground like gophers!’

When it comes to drinking, slow and steady wins the race

‘I like to take it slow, so my drink of choice is equal parts Hennessy and Disaronno on the rocks. It’s very strong, so you have to sip it slowly, and it makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside as soon as it goes down. I usually only need two or three of these throughout the day.’


If you absolutely must sex in a tent, don’t go all out

‘I guess if you’re respectful of the people around your tent, then its acceptable. Festival sex in general is rather messy though isn’t it? Yikes.’

Earplugs are essential

‘I cannot stress this enough. You will use them for when you’re trying to sleep and also if you’re close to the stages, you want to protect your ears.’

**Plan ahead, but not too much

**‘Its always good to have a rough idea of who you’d really love to see perform, but don’t plan every waking moment as some of my best memories have come from just stumbling upon a DJ set or special guest performance.’

Keep an open mind

‘I’ve seen some crazy weird shit at festivals, but it was mostly awesome. Meet people, smile, laugh, and just live in that moment.’

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This article originally appeared on The Debrief.

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