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Engagement Gift Ideas For All The Important People In Your Life

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If we're completely honest with ourselves, the pressure of wedding gifting sometimes taints the excitement of knowing one of your nearest and dearest (or semi-casual acquaintances) is getting married. Knowing what to buy and how much to spend is an absolute minefield at the best of times and that confusion only multiplies when we enter the realm of engagement gifts.

Let's take a moment to appreciate your generosity. Just considering the possibility of celebrating your friend or family member's up-coming wedding with an engagement present is truly wonderful. You've won brownie points for even thinking it. But how do you go from good intentions to actually nailing the art of what is, let's face it, one of the more awkward gift giving life moments.

Anniversaries are straight forward; there are traditional themes to play with. Even wedding gifts are a bit easier to manage because, more often than not, you'll have a registry to pick from, or the couple might just make it really easy and ask for some cash towards their three-week safari extravaganza honeymoon. But pre-wedding gifts are tricky. You don't want to clash with anything the betrothed couple are already planning to pop on their John Lewis Gift List, you don't want to preemptively buy something so great that the present you buy on the big day seems inconsequential in comparison and, let's face it, you certainly don't want to spend thousands of pounds this early in the game.

We've taken some of the fuss out of the equation and narrowed things down for you. Whether you're buying for your best friend or your sibling, there's a perfect present out there somewhere. Here are some engagement gift ideas to get you started.

Engagement Gift Ideas For Couples

Engagement Gift Ideas For The Bride

Engagement Gift Ideas For The Groom

Engagement Gift Ideas For Your Sister

Engagement Gift Ideas For Your Brother

Engagement Gift Ideas For Your Best Friend

Engagement Gift Ideas For Your Fiancé

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