Empowering Advice To Help You Through Today #ToTheGirls

The hashtag was designed to encourage girls to feel ‘seen, heard and loved’, and for all the right reasons...

Empowering Advice To Help You Through Today #ToTheGirls

by Sophie Wilkinson |

Courtney Summers is an author who’s written a book called All The Rage, ‘about a girl who is ostracised by her community for speaking up about an assault. The absence of support takes a huge emotional toll on her.’

The book then ‘examines the shame and silence inflicted on young women in a culture that refuses to protect them’. And to promote the book – and also undo so many myths surrounding where boys’ and girls’ sexual responsibilities lie (clue: they should be equals in this field), she got the hashtag #ToTheGirls going.

Courtney explained on her Tumblr that people should, on 14 April, ‘take the opportunity to tell the girls you know—and the ones you don’t—that they are seen, heard and loved. Share advice. Be encouraging. Tell us about or thank the girls in your life who have made a difference in yours.’

And, wow, did people respond. Here are just some of the oodles of tweets that make us feel just that little bit better and more encouraged in ourselves – because sadly, in a world where sexual violence is meted out across all ages and classes and races and countries and jurisdictions and is so commonly met with ‘you’re making it up’, this sort of support for women is still needed

Amen to all of that. Brb just going to make these our desktop background.

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