Emotional Support Ducks Exist And They’re As Wonderful As They Sound

This one's called Daniel and he wears red booties and nappies

Emotional Support Ducks Exist And They're As Wonderful As They Sound

by Tabi Jackson Gee |
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You’ve probably heard of emotional support dogs. Maybe you’re even familiar with the anxiety-reducing qualities of a pet cat. Maybe you even have a support animal of your own. But we bet you don’t have an emotional support duck, that accompanies you everywhere you go. Like Daniel, who took a flight with his owner in America last week.

Here Daniel is, queuing up to get his flight. As you do.

And here he is, on the plane, having a jolly old time with his owner.

Mark Essig, who took the pictures of Daniel The Duck, is by some bizarre turn of events actually an animal author.

He spoke to Buzzed about his chance meeting with Daniel: "He was wearing little red booties. I assume to protect the delicate webbing of his feet, though I didn’t ask why."

We have so many questions too, Mark. Like what Daniel is like to hang out with, is he like Joey’s duck? How do you train a duck? How come he doesn’t fly around the plane pooping everywhere? Is it weird to be a duck that can fly but also be flying on a plane? Where did his owner buy Daniel’s nappies from, are they special duck nappies?

And where can we get our own emotional support duck?

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