Emirates Airline Refuse Girl A Job After She Tells Them She Had Depression Two Years Ago

Megan Cox, 22, was forced to do 'a ridiculous medical' before she got the job


by Sophie Wilkinson |
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As you’d expect, when you become an air stewardess you need to tell your employer of any previous medical conditions you have, just like in any other job that requires a bit of physical activity. But you certainly wouldn't expect your mental health history to then be used against you.

Megan Cox, 22, had applied for a role at Emirates and last month the Dubai-based airline even sent her a letter congratulating her on the role. As part of the application, she 'was given a ridiculous medical to complete which cost me hundreds of pounds.'

Her doctor sent a letter to her future employers saying that she’d had a case of depression in 2012 but had now recovered and ‘remained fit and well and indeed has had no further consultations with us.’

This really shouldn’t have posed a problem. However, Emirates told her via email that, in light of that medical letter, they won’t be employing her: ‘Please be advised that your offer of employment has been withdrawn as you have not met the pre-conditions set out in the offer of employment.’

‘I am incredibly heartbroken and feel discriminated against by Emirates,’ she told The Independent, adding: ‘I put all my life on hold and spent weeks waiting for my confirmation.’

This sort of discrimination - not giving someone a job based on their medical history – isn’t allowed in the EU. However, as a Dubai-based company, Emirates can break that rule without retribution. A spokesperson for the airline did, however, say: ‘Emirates has a clear and fair recruitment process and is an equal opportunity employed… We are unable to comment on individual recruitment cases.’

To raise awareness of the discrimination she has received,

. However, there’s not much that can be done to otherwise bring Emirates to task. Hopefully she'll get snapped up by another airline!

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This article originally appeared on The Debrief.

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