Ed Miliband’s Just Charmed Our Socks Off

Labour leader admits geekery, but is that the worst thing he could do?

Ed Miliband’s Just Charmed Our Socks Off

by Sophie Wilkinson |

Ed Miliband can do a Rubiks’ cube in, like, under a minute. And there’s a rumour he called his socialist parents by their first names when he was a kid. He’s also got a hint of the Mr Bean/Wallace from Wallace and Gromit about him and apparently can’t eat a bacon sandwich properly (is there an etiquette on that?!). So he’s a geek. Such a geek Jeremy Paxman (who runs University Challenge) called him a geek. And apparently that’s a bad thing.

But in yesterday’s radio interview with our mates over at Absolute radio, he turned out to be really quite personable and charming.

He said ‘I plead guilty to being a geek. I’m proud.’

As well as that, he said he’s mates with Ellie Goulding and she introduced him to Bastille.

The most exciting thing about this interview – where he says he’ll focus on swotting up on the Middle East rather than pretending to be interested in cultural stuff he’s otherwise got no interest in e.g. Top Gear – is that he comes across as normal.

The strangest thing about being ‘normal’? Well, if someone said your best mate was ‘normal’ you’d be a bit offended – does that mean she’s basic, or boring? But when it comes to Ed Miliband, we’re so utterly used to him being painted out as a weirdo – and politicians are seen as so far removed from our everyday lives – that the word ‘normal’ is actually a compliment!

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