Ed Miliband Channels Yoof Culture In Russell Brand ‘Milibrand’ Interview

Could dropping t’s pick up votes?

Ed Miliband Channels Yoof Culture In ‘Milibrand’ Interview

by Sophie Wilkinson |

Russell Brand sounds like no other political voice before him, because, well, he sounds well cockney. That’s why it was pretty lols to see Ed Miliband dropping his t’s in the widely-hyped #Milibrand interview. It was also lol to see Russell's swanky tap looking like it was coming out of Ed's head, but let's focus on the importan' bi's.

The bit that got Russell nodding and squealing ‘exactly!’ was when Ed said ‘The fundamen’al problem with this country is that people think it’s run for somebody else and the somebody else is probably somebody right at the top of society, they’ve got the access, the influence, the power and it’s not for them. That’s what we’ve got to change.’

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Well, at least the language hits the middle ground – for all of Ed’s youthemisms, he still says ‘issue’ like ‘isss-yooo’ not ‘isshooo’.

And, for the sake of balance, we must inform you that David Cameron didn't even care about the Milibrand interview, telling reporters ‘faaack off you slaaaags’. No, not really. He actually said: ‘His whole view is “don't vote, it only encourages them”, or something. It's funny but politics, life and elections and jobs and the economy are not a joke.’

‘Russell Brand is a joke... This is not funny, this is about the election, our future… I haven't got time to hang out with Russell Brand. This is more important.’

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