So #Eclipse2015 Happened. Here Are Some Pictures Of The Most Underwhelming Event Of The Year So Far

It's just a sky full of clouds, guys


by Becky Fearn |
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Unless you’ve been living under a rock (and haven’t had access to Twitter), you’ll know that this morning, around 9.30am, the first solar eclipse in 16 years took place. In London, excitement swelled around the city. Tourists lined the streets and people actually left their offices so they could stand in the street and stare at the sky. All to catch a glimpse of the amazing, exciting, impressive… sky full of grey clouds.

Following the slightly (scratch that, massively) underwhelming event, users took to Twitter to express their disappointment. Most underwhelming event of the year?



Screen-Shot-2015-03-20-at-09.251 of 6


Screen-Shot-2015-03-20-at-09.262 of 6


Screen-Shot-2015-03-20-at-09.293 of 6


Screen-Shot-2015-03-20-at-09.304 of 6


Screen-Shot-2015-03-m20-at-09.265 of 6


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