No Duh Study Of The Week: Shopping Makes You Happy. Here’s How You Shop

So many ways to waste your money


by Jess Commons |
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Here’s a a study that basically gives you complete license to embrace your inner Carrie Bradshaw, your inner Cher Horowitz, all the worst parts of your personality and squeal with glee like a complete and total knobhead. People at the University of Michigan have found that going shopping and buying things makes you happy. So, been abstaining from buying clothes thanks to a little thing called your bank account? In the name of science – forget it. Here’s some of the shopping trips you’re about to embark on.

The Online One

Barely seems real. Always a shock when the payment shows up on your statement.

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**The Payday One **


**The Emergency One **

Destined to go wrong from the outset. You’re out tonight and forgot to bring a bag. 15 minutes in Toppers will sort it. NOT.

**The One With Your Mum **

Hanging awkwardly by a pair of shoes you’re hankering for doesn’t have the same effect as when you were a teenager.

**The One With Your Boyfriend **

The annoying thing? HE suggested it.

**The One With Your Friend **

One mate: last seen three hours ago hovering round the bras in H&M. Not too much of a crisis, but she was your lift home.

**The Disappointing One **

A whole day and you’ve bought nothing. Might have well have saved the £2 bus fare and watched Escape To The County.

**The Drunk One **

Either online or after a few work drinks on late night shopping. Either way, expensive and damaging.

**The One With A Voucher **

20% off in Grazia, don’t mind if I do.

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