Drunk People In Magaluf Are Getting Harry Potter Scar Tattoos On Their Foreheads


Drunk People In Magaluf Are Getting Harry Potter Scar Tattoos On Their Foreheads

by Jess Commons |
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What with the Cursed Child opening in London and getting all the good press, it’s understandable that people might be rediscovering their love for Harry Potter.

This is fine. Harry Potter is fine. He’s great, harmless, and something to distract us from the quite frankly terrifying world around us. What’s not good though, is if you take that love too far. Like some of the Brits currently holidaying around Europe.

Holly Perrett of Slough was one Harry Potter fan who took her love for the boy wizard too far. Over the weekend, Facebook page Magaluf Box Office posted an image of Holly, post being tattooed with a Harry Potter scar on her forehead.

‘A young female Magaluf worker gets the Harry Potter scar lightening bolt tattoo on her forehead.’ They posted on Facebook. ‘Tag a friend who would do this.’


Holly works at an upstanding establishment for young revelers in Magaluf called JD Sports Lounge according to the Metro. She is also doing a great job of blocking out her tattoo’s haters. ‘People trying to give me shit because of my tattoo, c’mon guys it’s fucking hilarious.’ She posted on Facebook. ‘If you’ve not got anything nice to say, then keep your mouth shut. I’m not bothered by pathetic people trying to take the moral high ground.’

Yeah, you tell them Holly.

The trouble is, since Holly, there have been several other reports of Britons emulating Holly’s tattoo. On Sunday, Magaluf Box Office posted a picture of a guy featuring a near identical tattoo. ‘Only 24 hours later a male then goes to the same tattoo shop drunk with his friends and gets exactly the same.’

Then, Harry Potter-itis seemed to spread. Also on Sunday, Twitter user @jackfarish posted this picture of a girl in the Cyprus resort with another Hazza P tattoo.

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So, are these people just drunken fools with bad friends who let them do silly things or is He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named roaming around holiday resorts avada kedav-ring young innocent Brits?

You decide.

Pictures courtesy of Magaluf Box Office FaceBook

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