Welcome To The Future: Driverless Pods Are Being Tested In New Delhi

Is this what our Ubers will look like in the year 2026?

Welcome To The Future: Driverless Pods Are Being Tested In New Delhi

by Alyss Bowen |
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Imagine a world where driverless electric pods exist to drive us all around from A to B. Oh wait, you don’t need to imagine anymore – they actually exist, just not in the UK. Sorry everyone. . Kind of like a tram but extremely futuristic. The pods average speed will be 60km per hour, and they can transport between five to six commuters in each ride. Sounds like a scene from The Fifth Element, am I right? Although judging by the video below it's nothing like The Fifth Element because they go reaaaaaally slow. Painfully slow, but safety first hey.

The project will connect the Delhi boarder to Gurgaon, and hopefully decrease the traffic caused by thousands of people commuting to work at the India headquarters of Google, Microsoft and Apple, which are all situated in the suburb. The city is mostly run by private companies and has a population of over two million, so congestion has been a big problem for commuters and traders within the city.

It's expected to cost around $128 million (WHAO now), and will take a year to build – so for all you guys fed up of taking the bus or tube to work, perhaps it’s time to relocate?

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