This Dress Can Tell If You’re Drunk. No, Really.

Japanese artist has created a jacket and a dress that react to excess alcohol consumption. And by that we don't just mean they get covered in Merlot, they actually warn us when we've had a few too many...


by Stevie Martin |
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Artist Younghui Kim has created clothes that tell you how drunk you are, which sounds like a good idea and a terrible idea in equal measures. Depending on whether you want to know what a heavyweight/lightweight you are.

Metamorphosis is a man’s jacket and a ladies’ dress (considering androgyny’s in right now, you can totally wear both) that work in similar ways: the jacket’s collar slides out to cover the drinker’s face when it detects too much alcohol on the wearer’s breath and the dress has sleeves that expand and contract. Pretty cool.

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But Younghui Kim doesn’t specify how much alcohol is too much, so there’s no point putting these on for a bar crawl, unless you fancy making your clothes go batshit all night betwen Jägerbombs. But the new technology might be useful for, say, work drinks when you don’t want to embarrass yourself in front of your new boss. Or your old boss. Any boss.

It’s not the first time the artist has combined tech with clothing. She also created Gravity of Light with friend Yejin Cho, a textile that reacted to the movements of your head.

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