#DonaldTrumpSecretServiceCodeName Was Trending On Twitter And It’s Everything

We just need to disrupt your busy day with this important Donald Trump news

#DonaldTrumpSecretServiceCodeName Was Trending On Twitter And It's Everything

by Alyss Bowen |
Published on

Guys guys guys, something really funny happened on Twitter. Like really funny. I spent a good 10 minutes laughing my way through the masses of tweets directed at Donald Trump with the #TrumpSecretServiceCodeName when I should have been working (sorry, editor…). So here’s a selection of our favorites to brighten up your Friday afternoon.

Never ever eating corn again.

So good but so so scary. * *

Reusing a photo here but LOLLLL.

The kind of toilet no man will ever want to use. Ever.

That facial expession is everything.

Saved the best till last.

Picture: Courtesy of Jay Rawley / Twitter

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