Donald Trump Told Piers Morgan He’s Not A Feminist. No Shit Donald.

We. Are. So. Shocked.

Donald Trump Told Piers Morgan He's Not A Feminist.

by Aida Amoako |
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Apparently, Donald Trump is not a feminist. Who’d a thunk it?! The President of the United States revealed in his exclusive interviewwith Piers Morgan that to call himself a feminist ‘would be, maybe, going too far.’

The interview, which aired last night after being teased and previewed over the past week, saw Piers Morgan and Trump discuss everything from Brexit and the Paris Accord to Twitter and Trump’s eating habits. The day before the ITV interview Morgan took to Twitterto reveal the ‘BREAKING NEWS.’ President Trump claimed not to be a feminist, instead stating: ‘I’m for women. I’m for men. I’m for everyone.’

Asked by Morgan about his position on the Women’s March, the #MeToo and Time’s Up campaigns, and also to convince women who see him as a misogynist that he was ‘for them’, Trump responded by emphasising his electoral victories and his standing in the polls. He mentioned that the women’s unemployment rate was at a 17-year low, which is great… However, it has been trending downwards since 2012 so how much Trump has personally had to do with that has been debated.

Pressed by Morgan to answer whether he agreed with the campaigners’ ‘basic principles, which are gender equality and safety … particularly in the work place,’ Trump claimed he was, before pivoting to talk about border safety and a strong military creating a safe environment for women ‘at home’.

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Piers Morgan could have taken the opportunity to asks what specific policies and initiatives might be incoming that would specifically address the concerns of half the population of the United States. But there wouldn’t have been time to talk about his hair or Arsenal, or the Royal wedding invite.

Last year the Trump administration scrapped an Obama-era policy that would have required businesses with over 100 employees to report their worker’s annual earnings. It was scrapped for apparently being too ‘burdensome’ and inefficient, despite bodies like the national Women’s Law Center claiming it would be ‘a vital tool in fighting pay discrimination.’

The First Daughter and advisor to the president, Ivanka Trump, who has actually spoken out in support of equal pay, supported the decision. She claimed ‘the proposed policy would not yield the intended results.’ However, the administration is yet to suggest an alternative method for ensuring gender pay parity from businesses.

There area also, of course, are President Trump's misogynist comments from over the years. But even at 72 is there perhaps a chance Trump’s attitude towards women has changed?

When Morgan asked Trump if he had evolved past those comments and behaviour, Trump – by way of universalism – seemed to suggest he either had or would, claiming in his trademark hyperbolic manner that he had ‘tremendous respect for women.’ If you say so Mr President, we're yet to see it.

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