The Dog Whisperer’ Says Millennials Shouldn’t Have Pets Because We’re ‘Always On The Phone’

Is this just barking mad or does Cesar Milan have a point?

The Dog Whisperer' Says Millennials Shouldn't Have Pets Because We're 'Always On The Phone'

by Siobhan Lawless |
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Thinking of getting a new pooch? Want someone else's blessing? You can count 'The Dog Whisperer' (a.k.a. Cesar Milan) out.

Milan is convinced we can’t hack the responsibility since as a generation we are ‘always on their phone.' Consequently, Milan believes this is making us socially inept, 'They’re not ready to have a one-on-one relationship. A lot of millennials feel independent and can do their own thing, but they have no idea how to relate with other human beings.’ Ouch – a little harsh no? Guessing this means one-on-one relationships with our boyfriends and girlfriends and friends friends count for nothing? That we're all just living in a world as socially shut-off as everyone going about their daily business in *Her? *Right, cool. (Feel free to keep on singing our praises Milan when it pleases you.)

If we can’t relate to our fellow human beings surely their fluffier, smaller and cuter equivalents are the answers standing right in front us? Clearly the 47-year-old animal lover doesn’t think so.

Milan has another theory though (now this is where things get deep). The dog whisperer believes millennials are substituting babies for dogs because we belong to a generation who 'don't have children.' Despite this, Milan believes our nuturing instincts still remain, ‘You need to fill that empty space. You need to love somebody and you need to touch somebody...The dog is no longer a worker, it has evolved into becoming a personal fulfillment formula for a human.' Well if this is the case, why is Milan saying we should hold off on personal fulfillment?
 What options do we have left?

Fostering. This is what 'The Dog Whisperer' is advising younger folk to test out first. Then just to be certain you're not rushing into an impulse decision, Milan encourages you to put your dedication to the test and ask yourself the following questions:


1. Do I get nervous, anxious or frustrated?

2. Do I do exercise every day before I have a dog

3. Am I a disciplined person?

4. What dog is compatible?

5. What stage of a dog am I ready for?

Credit where it's due, all these questions do seem the right ones to be asking. There’s no doubt about it, getting a dog (or any pet for that matter) is a huge commitment. Unless you can be fully devoted to your new furry bundle of joy with your time, money and its resources, it's unfair on your new animal. So if you're answers are holding up pretty tightly after this, consider it safe to say, you're definitely not barking up the wrong tree...

Incidentally Milan's more unorthodox approach to dog-training has polarized critics in the past. The self-taught trainer has previously applied electric shocks and spikes on collars to badly-behaved dogs. Overall though, Milan has enjoyed good success since 'The Dog Whisperer' first aired on National Geographic some 12 years ago. 'The Dog Whisperer' lives in California with 20 dogs and has 2 kids - we're guessing he's got his hands too full to even answer his phone.

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