DNA Proves That Separated Twins Who Found Each Other On YouTube Are Siblings

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by Sophie Cullinane |
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Anais Bordier, a French student living in London, was browsing YouTube earlier this year when she stumbled across an actress called Samantha Futerman. She noticed that Samantha bore a striking resemblance to her and, backtracking through her social-media imprint, discovered that the actress had been vlogging about being adopted. Just like her.

After a bit more digging, Anais realised that the pair also shared the same birthday and were both born in Busan, South Korea – too much of a coincidence not to look into. She sent Samantha a message on Facebook and the pair now believe they’re long-lost siblings. As this YouTube video shows, they then started catching up on the past 25 years of their lives over Facebook, Skype and Twitter.

The girls then launched a Kickstarter campaign raising $80,000 to help fund a documentary and a DNA test to officially confirm that they’re sisters, which has just happened – and confirmed the two are indeed related.'It was weird, but I feel like there was a strange calm and comfort as well, and something that I can't really explain' Samantha told Good Morning America.

As well as looking a helluva lot like each other, they've established that they're both into the arts and both big fans of famous fictional adoptee Harry Potter. They also shared an unidentifiable emptiness growing up without one another. 'I did feel like I missed something' Anais told GMA. 'I had an imaginary friend when I was a kid… I needed that comfort, I guess.'

How's that for amazing news?

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