Dementor Drone Prank Goes Viral And Wins Halloween

That’s Dementor dedication.

dementor drone prank

by Alyss Bowen |
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What do you like to do when you’re bored? Get into your PJs and binge watch Gilmore Girls (me)? Go for a walk, or a run if you’re feeling particularly active? Or how about attach a ghost that looks like a Dementor to a drone and fly it around so you can scare the shit out of people?

Let’s go for the latter – because that’s exactly what this guy did. Zac Cruedger from Wisconsin uploaded pictures to his Twitter of his Uncle's drone creation, and naturally it went viral. Racking up 150k retweets and almost 300k favourites – we all sure do love anything Harry Potter related don’t we?

The prank was supposedly born out of boredom and a bad football performance, so top marks for creativity. We’re unsure if this ‘prank’ was meant to be an actual Dementor, but look at it, how could it not be? That cloak, those black black eyes. This says Dementor all over it. Zac has even been replying to every single comment on the twitter, that’s Dementor dedication. OK enough Dementor jokes now. Happy pranking people.

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