Deeply Religious Parents Of Irish Girl Who Performed Sex Acts On 24 Men Say They Will Protect And Forgive Her

Friends say that the Irish girl in Magaluf was a "target of evil"


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It has emerged today that that the 'deeply religious' parents of the Irish girl who was filmed performing sex acts in Magaluf have 'forgiven her'. The family are said to be devout Christians who live their lives as an example of "living forgiveness".

A friend of the girl's reportedly told the* Irish Mirror: '*She is a lovely girl but she's been looking for excitement. She made a terrible mistake a few weeks ago and she has been fully forgiven. Her family love her and will protect her in their faith. It may be a positive thing that this story got out because now the situation can be addressed and she can regain her strength and dignity. The family is very strong and very much at one with The Lord. While others may see what she is said to have done as an act of depravity, we see it as something quite different. She has been a victim, a target of evil, or wickedness, and she has most definitely been led astray in a vulnerable moment.'

It is nice to hear some positive news off the back of this horrible story and that as a family (hopefully) they'll be able to put this whole epsiode behind them.

On the flipside, it appears the guy who filmed the video isn't showing the same level of support. Scott Rogers, who works in Magaluf as part of the Carnage night organisers, was caught bragging on his Facebook page saying 'It's not every day a video I took gets all over the Spanish news and all over Facebook! Oops.' (Um, is it just us that wants to say to this guy that this is not about you?)

He also commented in quite a so-what manner saying 'she was on a bar crawl, she gets free drinks anyway'.

It isn't overly comforting to hear any witness be so casual and dismissive about the whole episode. Plus, the fact that these comments were taken from his Facebook page reinforces the open nature of the Internet and makes us really question the level of privacy we all have.

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