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More Women Will Find Out They're Pregnant Today Than Any Other Day In 2018

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According to one study, that is...

More women will find out that they’re pregnant today than on any other day this year, according to a new study.

The study, conducted by parenting site, pinpoints Wednesday 17th January as so-called ‘Discovery Day,’ with over 10,000 women set to take a pregnancy test and receive a positive result.

Why 17th January out of the other 364 days in the year, you ask? Because it falls just over two weeks after National Babymaking Day on 2nd January, which is apparently the most common day for couples to try to conceive. Make of that what you will…

The study went on to reveal that the women surveyed took an average of six different pregnancy tests to ensure that the result is correct (looks like Rachel’s experience in Friends isn’t so far from the norm, then). 62 percent carried on taking tests after their positive result due to fears about the initial test being wrong or concerns over the health of the pregnancy, spending on average £30. One in 20 of the mums-to-be featured in the study revealed they used 16 or more tests before accepting the result.

‘Being hooked on pregnancy tests may seem strange, but the majority of mums do it,’ said Siobhan Freegard, founder of ‘Seeing the positive sign come up gives mums-to-be a buzz and also helps reassure those who may be nervous about their pregnancy.’

‘However, it’s important not to get addicted to continual tests, as they are expensive and unnecessary,’ she added. ‘We have heard of mums testing up to five times a day to check they are still pregnant, so if you are that anxious, then get professional support.’

The study also confirms our suspicions that the trend for online pregnancy announcements is going nowhere. Three in five of the expectant mothers surveyed revealed the news on social media, with 45 percent choosing to post a scan picture online.

53 percent, meanwhile, chose to tell their family and friends in person, with one in five picking up the phone to share the news.