A Day In The Life: Sophie Sawtell, Lush Kitchen Compounder

Behind the scenes at the dreamy Lush Kitchen

A Day In The Life: Sophie Sawtell, Luch Kitchen Compounder

by Natalia Bagniewska |
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We’re all the way down in Poole today at the Lush Cosmetics HQ with Sophie Sawtell, the Lush Kitchen Compounder. Compounding involves creating special and often unique products for Lush Kitchen clients using materials like seaweed, rose petals and so much more. The Lush Kitchen is a behind the scenes glimpse into Lush. You can order exclusive products online and receive them a couple of days later, the Lush Kitchen team showcase their fresh and handmade products by sharing their production process on their social channels. Tune in to see exclusive chats with inventors, buyers and other special guests.


Starting bright and early at 7am, I begin the day by looking at our daily menu so that I know what needs to be made and discuss between the four compounders who will make what. I always dreamt of working at Lush, my sister worked with the company while I was still at school and once I left school, I started working at Lush part time during college. My first role was in the mail order department - picking, packing and cutting soaps. I worked in that department for around four years. I then applied for a Production Assistant role within the Lush Kitchen and was successful in getting the job. While helping my colleagues in the Kitchen I realised I had a real interest in compounding – so jumped at the opportunity to do a compounding course, where I could learn how to produce all products. This enabled me to become one of the main compounders when I returned to the Lush Kitchen.

To be a compounder you need to be extremely organised and efficient. Also, a vast knowledge of all product ranges and processes is a must. With an ever-changing menu, it’s important to work well under pressure and to tight deadlines. We get a lot of visitors to the Lush Kitchen and we also do a lot of filming, so you need to be confident in talking to anybody and be comfortable in front of a camera.

The Kitchen is a place for exclusive releases, previews and insights into the minds of the people behind the products. We make small, limited batches of product and once they’re gone, they’re gone! They are available to buy on the Lush website. The Kitchen also has a strong digital community following and listen to their daily requests for retro Lush products to return. Where possible, we will look to add these requests into our schedule.

No two days are the same in the Lush Kitchen as I am always making different products. I love seeing my products come together and receiving the lovely comments from the community when they receive their orders that I’ve made.

I receive my formula and go and gather my materials for the product I am making. I then start weighing up the required materials and begin the process of making the product. Once ready I will shape, pour or press into the desired shape. Once shaped the products will be left overnight to harden, cool and set ready for the production assistants to fill, wrap, cut, label and send out to our customers.

My favourite product to use is American Cream hair conditioner because it smells so yummy! My favourite products to make are creams and shower gels as there are lots of different phases, I love seeing it all come together at the end. I love how fresh all the ingredients we use are and learning about their benefits and where they are ethically sourced. I love how Lush supports small businesses around the world and works with the finest ingredients. I am always learning something new! As there is such a vast range of products being made in Lush Kitchen, there is always something new try.

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