David Cameron Raps Against The Poor In New Mashup

Cassetteboy have made the Prime Minister a lot more... sinister…


by Sophie Wilkinson |
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David Cameron might have slipped up in his conference speech in Birmingham yesterday, accidentally saying his party 'resents' the poor, instead of 'represents'. However, even if he hadn't made any sort of gaffe, YouTube stars Cassetteboy would have managed to fast-cut his words into something a lot more sinister. Just as they have with this 'song' supposedly from the Prime Minister.

Using lots of clips of him speaking at various events, they take advantage of the gaps he leaves between words –- for emphasis – to make him rap over the backing track of Eminem's Lose Yourself. They also take advantage of the fact it's Cameron's government that just legalised the use of copyrighted material for parody purposes. In this mash-up, he says: 'I am disgusted by the poor' and promises 'to bring slavery back.'

It's not accurate, of course, but it's still hilarious take on the conference. Oh, and a nod/fistbump to all of those middle-class white boys obsessed with hip hop.

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