This Czech Brewery’s ‘Beer For Her’ Is Sexist And Patronising


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That a woman can enjoy a pint as much as a man is hardly headline news in the 21st Century.

And yet, one brewery still sees fit to create a beer that is specially formulated for our delicate tastes.

Aurosa beer, which is produced in the Czech Republic, is marketed with a heavy dose of whimsical pink hues and floral arrangements (presumably to draw in us ladies).

Do women really need #BeerForHer? ©Aurora/Instagram

The #BeerForHer is "customized to the needs of women, despite the fact that the beer industry is rather masculine affair," a statement on its website reads.

"Aurosa gained a unique, unmistakably strong taste that was adapted to the elegance of women," it says.

"Aurosa is a representation of a woman's strength and a girl’s tenderness."

Aurosa - adapted for women ©Aurora/Instagram

Unsurprisingly, the caramel-flavoured beer - which hits London this month for around £8 a bottle - has received a large amount of flack for its patronising branding:

Of course, women do struggle to get recognition in the beer industry, but this type of sexist rigmarole only exacerbates the problem.

Aurosa defended itself in a Facebook statement, saying: "Aurosa was never intended to take part in sexism, feminism or the like.

"We are simply a brand that wants to offer beer in an elegant and beautiful bottle, something that has not been done before, for those women who want it and whose lifestyle we fit."

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