It’s Cuffing Season! What’s Cuffing Season?

It's reason why everyone is getting coupled up right now.

Cuffing Season

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The leaves have begun to change colour and the weather is turning cold, which only means one thing - it’s cuffing season. If you have traded your crop tops for thick jumpers, and all you want to do is cuddle with your significant other with a cup of hot tea and binge watch Netflix, you are officially cuffed (not in a kinky way).

But what is cuffing season?

Cuffing season typically refers to a specific time of the year when people begin to feel more inclined to be coupled up and start a relationship. For some, the holidays (especially Christmas) can be a lonely time. Urban Dictionary simply defines cuffing season as a time period where we stop having rampant sex after a summer of loving’ and settle down with one companion to wait out the cold fall and winter months.

Ultimately, we are embracing being mammals and going into our own sort of social ’hibernation’ - making cuffing season a legitimate thing.

Afterall, who can resist the lure of a couples Halloween costume?

When is cuffing season?

There is no specific time to when cuffing season starts and ends as it varies person to person, and depends where you live. However, most have said it’s generally between October and March. You know, whenever you start wearing thick jumpers and feel more included to ‘cuff’ yourself to someone to keep the cold weather away. The best signifier that cuffing season has ended is when you start wearing sandals and bring back the crops tops.

Where did it come from?

Cuffing season is deprived from the physical idea of being handcuffed to someone. After being added to Urban Dictionary in 2011, the term started entered common usage.

Why would I want to get cuffed?

In an ideal world, because you've met someone who you connect with and because you feel ready for a serious relationship.

In reality, because you want to dress in a couples Halloween costume, take cute sparkler photos on Bonfire night, and the old classic, because you're sick of your family asking you if you're ever going to get in a relationship over Christmas dinner.

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