The 11 Most Bonkers Things On Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop Gift Guide

The 11 Most Bonkers Things On Gwyneth Paltrow's Gift Guide


by Daniela Morosini |
Published on

Gwyneth has done it again. Her annual gift guide for Goop has arrived and as expected, it makes your average line up of products look distinctly ordinary (and most-definitely very affordable...)

From 18ct gold dumbbells to a truffle slicer (yes, we all need one of those!) to a trp into space (almost) Gwyneth's gifts are a thing of wonder.

We've rounded up a few of most noteworthy items on the list below...

    We're all into safe sex, but this definitely takes it to another level. Not quite sure who we'll be wrapping this up for... (Drake probably has one though).

      We bet you've just been slicing your truffles with knives until now, haven't you? Well do not fear, there's no need once you've got this in your life.

        You and your family can be suspended 100,000ft above the surface of the earth in a hot air balloon for three days. For a casual $90,000. We recommend you don't give this gift to anyone who has a fear of heights.

          So you don't 'freeze your butt off when you're sitting outside'. We reckon Drake probably has one of these, too.


            We're now wondering if Gwyneth just managed to intercept Kanye West's Amazon Wish List?!

              It has a waiting list. Enough said. We've had some pricey games of Monopoly in our lives, but this definitely takes it to a new level.

                This better be very good toilet paper...

                  Listen, I'm not coughing up for Spotify Premium, what makes you think I'll plump for these?

                    Drake definitely has these. We're noticing a theme here.

                      We're hoping a Paltrow-sponsored 'survival kit' comes with organic quinoa, kale and nut milk purification system.

                        Just to make sure there's no toothpaste left. Ever.

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