Couple Called Out On Twitter For Being On Phones At Restaurant. Boyfriend’s Response Is Brilliant

This is what happens when you try to turn strangers into memes


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We’ve all been there. You’re sat at the table with someone, your phone vibrates, you take it out to check real quick and next thing you know, you’ve spent half an hour responding to Snapchats, checking Twitter and doing a quick sweep of the area for any Pokemon you might’ve missed on the way in (#So2016).

Everyone knows it’s not the model of exemplary table manners, and it can feel pretty shit to be on the receiving end of it. And okay, there’s a time and a place, but sometimes you might actually have a genuine reason to be on your phone in company.

Which is what one Twitter user should have considered before sending this tweet...

@selkcub shared a picture of the couple, criticising the man for being on his phone while on what may or may not have been a date, with the caption ‘Homegirl........ Leave him’.

Thousands of likes and retweets later, people seemed to share the same sentiment based on the assumption that this poor girl was being brutally ignored by a guy too interested in his phone to be paying her any attention. Rude, right?

What she probably wasn’t expecting however was for the guy in the picture, Jonathan, to find her tweet and respond with this:

He said: ‘That’s my girlfriend. I just preached my first sermon, she recorded it and wanted me to watch what she recorded. Thanks.

Awkward. As. Hell. You can hear the internal facepalms on @selkcub's behalf.

Jonathan’s girlfriend also responded, this time sending a picture of the two of them together and saying: ‘baby girl, we 3yrs in. I’m good. But we’ll pray for you. Hopefully you’ll find your godly man soon too.'

I mean, ouch. If that’s not a lesson in jumping to conclusions and sharing them on Twitter, I don’t know what is.

In case you were wondering btw, @selkcub is in a relationship too...

But she did clarify that she didn’t mean to offend or be mean to anyone.

Maybe we all need to think twice before jumping on the loltrain with this sort of thing, especially when it’s pretty obvious that she didn’t have permission to take a picture of two unsuspecting strangers and share it on the internet. A picture might be worth a thousand words, but it doesn’t mean they’re always right, kids.

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