Did Corbyn Inspire Glasto 2017 To Be The Wokest Festival Ever?

It's thought that almost 100,000 people visited the Pyramid Stage to hear him speak

Did Corbyn Inspire Glasto 2017 To Be The Wokest Festival Ever?

by Gemma Faithfull |
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At 4 pm on Saturday, Jeremy and Michael Eavis, the founding father of Glasto, took to the Pyramid stage in front of one of the biggest crowds the festival has ever seen. The number of fans that flocked to hear Corbyn’s speech has been estimated to have come close to the 100,000 people that watched the Rolling Stones set in 2013.

Known to be a festival that celebrates much more than music alone, Glastonbury has a reputation for advocating political engagement, freedom and inclusivity. It’s always been an arena for youth discussion and activism, as not only do attendees often have political alliances and agendas but for years Glasto has been giving the stage to notable figures that support the views of their people. In the 1980’s, socialist and peace campaigner EP Thompson spoke to Glastonbury crowds, and a video of which was played before Corbyn made his speech. s.

During his speech, the Labour leader highlighted a range of issues important to him, his party, and their supporters. He made reference to Trump by pointing out a wall that said 'build bridges, not walls' and told onlookers that it was a message for the President. Jeremy next addressed the young supporters, congratulating and thanking them for coming together, making themselves heard and, of course, the backing of the Labour party. He also spoke about the impact Brexit plans and the EU negotiations would have among those EU citizens 'making their contributions to our society' and the insecurity they are facing. Corbyn is clearly against our Prime Minister, Theresa May’s plans when he says 'I say, they all must stay, and they all must be part of our world, and be part of our community.'

Shortly after Jeremy’s appearance on the Pyramid stage, Michael Eavis was interviewed regarding what the two had spoken about backstage, moments before addressing the crowds. He told reporters that Corbyn had said that he would be PM in six months and that he would get rid of Trident as soon as possible. Jeremy has previously made it clear that he is against the renewal of Trident, however, accepts that the Labour Party as a whole continue to back the nuclear deterrent. Labour has said that Eavis paraphrased a conversation that the two men had together as the Leader’s, and party’s, position on Trident has not changed from the 2017 manifesto.

Corbyn has inspired a generation and it’s clear through his appearance at Glastonbury that youth support is growing and individuals are becoming more passionate as time goes on.

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