The Coolest Female Firsts Of Our Time

The Coolest Female Firsts Of Our Time

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    By Arianna Chatzidakis Posted on 18 Oct 2018

    Not to blow our own trumpets, or anything, but our generation of women is pretty spectacular. We’ve pushed our way through the patriarchy, and we’ve loudly and proudly broken boundaries and restrictions - something which underwear brand sloggi are also championing in their Zero Feel underwear collection.

    There’s also been some real standout moments where women have triumphed in their fields and become the first to gain recognition and achievements - including these incredibly cool female firsts…

    The First Female Tetraplegic Racing Driver

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    After being involved in a life-changing accident at the age of 16, Nathalie McGloin was paralysed from the chest down - but this never stopped her from achieving all of her goals and pushing the boundaries. Following her passion for racing, Nathalie became the first female tetraplegic racing driver in the world competing both at a professional level, and against able-bodied drivers. But she didn’t stop there: Nathalie recently became the first disabled person to ever present a trophy at the British Grand Prix. Pretty damn cool, right?

    The First British Female Beatbox Champion

    © Photography: Rajvi Vaya

    Cool-girl Bel Ehresmann (who goes by the name of Bellatrix), holds the titles for both the UK’s first professional female beatboxer and the first British person to win the world Beatbox championships. This musical genius also has a degree in jazz double bass from the Guildhall School of Music and Drama, which she funded through raising money beatboxing, so she’s pretty well versed in the music industry.

    The First Female To Be Cast As Doctor Who

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    Earlier this year, British actress Jodie Whittaker made headlines by becoming the first woman to portray Doctor Who in the infamous TV series of the same name. A doctor unlike any of her 12 predecessors - who were all men - Jodie Whittaker certainly made TV history, and we’re all for championing female protagonists.

    The First Female To Hold A Dual Record Of Being The Youngest Person To Climb Everest and The North Pole

    Bonita Norris began climbing at age 20, after a chance lecture about mountaineering inspired her to change her life and overcome her fears. She went on to become the youngest person in the world to reach both the summit of Mount Everest and the North Pole - two of the world’s toughest and most dangerous summits. We know, it’s super impressive and we’re so very jealous.

    The First Female To Swim From Cornwall To Scilly

    In 2014, Beth French made history by becoming the first person to swim from Cornwall to the Isles of Scilly. She completed the swim in 17 hours and 28 minutes - which, for anyone, is an extremely long and tiring stretch of time to be swimming. But for Beth, it was perhaps even more so, as she had previously suffered with ME and been wheelchair bound from her condition. She’s living proof that anything is possible, if you put your mind to it.

    The First Female To Win The Manx Grand Prix TT Motorcycle Race

    Carolynn Sells’ passion for motorcycle racing was sparked at a young age - a time when women weren’t even allowed to race in the prestigious Manx Grand Prix. But this didn’t stop Carolynn from pursuing her dreams. Having always been drawn to competing against both men and women on a level playing field, Carolynn took part in a number of motorcycle races before ultimately winning the Ultra Lightweight Manx Grand Prix in 2009 (which was 20 years to the day since the first woman was allowed to race in the competition). In achieving this, she became the first woman to ever win a Manx Grand Prix race. As well as that badass achievement, she’s also the only woman to have won an International Southern 100 road race in the Isle of Man, as well as the only woman ever to have won a race on the IOM TT Mountain Course - for which, she has Guinness World Record. Totally cool, right?

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