‘Confused Cats Against Feminism’ Is The Best Thing You’ll See All Day

New Confused Cats Against Feminism Tumblr hilariously takes on the whole ‘anti-feminist’ movement


by Sophie Cullinane |
Published on

A group of women calling themselves the '


The Tumblr, which was started by We Hunted Mammoth – a blog which points out misogyny on the internet - uses cat humour (is there any other kind of humour worth paying attention to?) to basically take-down the whole anti-feminist argument. Like the women of Women Against Feminism, the cats seem confused about what feminism actually means, so have declared themselves anti-feminist. The creators of the page explain:

‘Hey, cats need a place where they can post pictures of themselves holding signs denouncing feminism for assorted weird reasons that don’t seem to have anything to do with what feminism is actually about.’

There’s nothing quite like using a picture of a cat to point out how silly people sound when they stridently denounce feminism. Confused Cats Against Feminism – we salute you.

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This article originally appeared on The Debrief.

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