This Commuter’s Been Getting Hate, But We’re Jealous Of How Zen She Is

This picture has gone viral for all the wrong reasons, but maybe we can all learn something about the art of Zen from this woman

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So, this picture of a woman kicking back on her commute has gone viral. It ended up on the front page of (where it had 6,583 upvotes) and Reddit (where it had 4,869 comments) with the headline The Worst Person Ever.

For the most part, she’s getting a lot of hate. One choice comment includes ‘At Least Hitler Didn’t Do That’. Some people are also bizzarely, and entertainingly quoting The Importance Of Being Earnest in the comments.

But do you know what? We don’t agree with the hate – we’re actually kind of jealous of her. Look how zen she looks; when was the last time you were this chilled out on a tube train? And how amazing would it be if you could take your shoes off and kick back with a book every day for 20 minutes on your way into work?

‘She looks so relaxed,’ our editorial assistant Chemmie said, dreamily, as we gazed at the picture.

‘She’s definitely going to Morden,’ added our creative editor Anna, astutely pointing out that there would be no point creating a proper nest like that for yourself unless you were in it for the long haul.


And anyway, it’s all about context. Sure, a few people are standing up, but as anyone who’s tried to ram themselves onto the Central line at 8am will know, this was no packed commuter train. For all we know, there was a carriage of empty seats behind the photographer.

So let’s stop hating on this woman for enjoying a few precious minutes of ‘me time’ on her journey and follow her lead instead. In fact, here are some useful things you can do with your commute to make you a better person. You’re welcome.

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