What Colour Are These Hearts? No One Can Tell And It’s Confusing

When will these optical illusions get easier?!

What Colour Are These Hearts? No One Can Tell And It's Confusing

by Alyss Bowen |
Published on

Every so often some kind of optical illusion comes along and makes everyone’s brain hurt. It was all about the colour of a dress once, and now it’s the colour of hearts. Yes, hearts.

Posted on the YouTube account, Bite Size Psych, the hearts all appear as either purple or orange when far away from you. Then as the picture is enlarged, wait what…what’s going on here. The colours have changed and it’s fucking with our heads. Are they green or red? Or blue or pink? Basically, it could be one of the four and we’ve given up.

Tweet us what colours you’re seeing and hopefully we can beat this one together. Or look below if you want to cheat and see the answer before figuring it out yourself.

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