Coachella Banned Selfie Sticks But Not This ‘Rape’ T-Shirt. WTF.

Festivals brim with dickheads but this really took the biscuit…

Coachella Banned Selfie Sticks But Not This ‘Rape’ T-Shirt. WTF.

by Sophie Wilkinson |

Coachella is pretty strict for a festival. Its website lists rules like ‘no blankets’ ‘no stuffed animals’ ‘no umbrellas’ ‘no flags’ and ‘no selfie sticks/narssisstics [sic]’.

The selfie stick ban was new this year, the organisers of the festival, which is basically America’s Glastonbury being wise to the attention a selfie-stick ban could get them. But anyway, we’re not here to talk about how banning narcissism is actually one of the most narcissistic things a festival could do, we’re here to wonder why, in the midst of all of these bans – a man could turn up wearing an ‘EAT, SLEEP, RAPE, REPEAT’.


Eat, Sleep, Rave, Repeat is a Beardyman song, which is pretty OK. It’s a shame then, that someone’s taken it on to make a joke about something preeeetty serious.

There’s a photo of a guy wearing the T-shirt - he's at Coachella, reports *The Mirror *- and he’s throwing his wristband-clad hand up with a V-sign and he’s doing a big grin and apart from that we have no way of describing him because he is just so DULL to look at. Just an average, boring guy, who thinks that rape’s a joke. People have obvs spoken of their outrage on social media, but there’s no more info on the guy.

Perhaps, instead of seeking to find him to have a go at him so severely he claims victim status… we can ask Coachella this simple question: why did you ban selfie sticks but not this T-Shirt?

Which we have done. We’ll let you know when, and if, the festival’s people reply… and if there’s no castigation of him anywhere, well, take solace in the fact that, so long as he’s right-handed, he definitely would have got poo on those wristbands when he went to wipe.

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