All The Gifts Your Dog Absolutely Deserves This Christmas

Because buying Christmas presents for dogs > buying Christmas presents for humans, of course

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by Grazia |

You’ve done the research, you’ve just about ticked everyone off your extensive gift list, but there’s just one more family member to buy for... and it’s the dog. Is it wrong that this is probably our favourite bit? When it comes to our canine friends, you don’t have to worry about so much about the potential rejection – is it funny enough? Is it too funny? Is it really them? – because you can be pretty certain that each of these pet present options will inspire pure joy in our four-legged friends. You know where you are with dogs, after all. Whether it’s your pet or a dog owner you’re buying for, scroll through our pick of the best gifts to give this Christmas…

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House of Paws Christmas Pugessecco, £12.99

Get the party started, canine style, with this oversized squeaky toy (and the best bit? It'll never empty...)

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