Don’t Forget The Gift Of Giving This Christmas

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by Lauren Dudley |

‘Tis the season – for dancing, for party dresses, for sparkly eyeshadow, for one too many glasses of Mulled Wine, for eating far too much – but most importantly, for giving.

It’s easy to get wrapped up in the endless parties and family gatherings across the Festive season, but it’s always important to spare a thought for those who need it most. Christmas is a wonderful time for most of us, but there are countless people universally who have felt the wrath of 2016 and desperately need our help.

The sheer scale of charities and active organisations that need funding or volunteers can feel a little overwhelming, but here are a few suggestions:


The charity launched its largest ever appeal to aid children affected by the ongoing conflict in Syria. As we’re watching live tweets come in from capital city Aleppo, where 82 civilians have just been shot on the spot, this cause hits home. In 2015, the charity treated 13,000 children for malnutrition. Our donations will go directly to delivering water, vaccines and food to those who need it most.

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Planned Parenthood

With Donald Trump rising to power as President of the USA incredibly soon, and Mike Pence in his VP ranks also, the time has arisen to back our Pro-Choice friends. In fact, when the election winners were announced, thousands of donations were received, including reportedly a fabulous 72,000 specifically in Pence’s name. However endlessly proud that makes us – Planned Parenthood is still threatened in the very near future, and donations are a must.

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The number of rough sleepers in the UK has risen at an alarming rate this year, with roughly 54,000 annual ‘homelessness acceptances’ this year in England alone. Crisis is a national charity for single homeless people, and they work their hardest to deliver life changing services, whilst campaigning for change.

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Cash For Kids #MissionChristmas

In 2015 this heart-warming campaign gathered upwards of £13 million in gifts and donations, which made 300,000 very happy children at Christmas. With 1 in 3 children across the UK living in poverty, sometimes Christmas is a luxury that families simply cannot afford – every gift and donation counts.

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Women For Women

Since 1993, Women For Women International has helped upwards of 447,000 in countries affected by war and conflict. They help to educate women with life skills, legal rights knowledge, health and nutrition understanding, and this creates a ripple effect throughout families and further communities. You can even buy ‘gifts that keep on giving’ such as school fees, a doctor’s visit, or safe drinking water.

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Remember to do your bit this Christmas!

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