A Chinese Woman Was Trapped In A Manhole For 60 Hours By Her Boyfriend

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by Sophie Wilkinson |
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In utterly miserable FFS news, a Chinese man trapped his girlfriend in a sewer and left her to die before she was rescued by passers-by 60 hours later. And there's CCTV footage to prove it. (Though we're not going to show you because it's just pretty distressing.)

The video, taken from a camera on the street in Haikou City, in Hainan Island in the south of the country, shows that a short time before the incident, the man removes a manhole cover from a road, placing a piece of cardboard over the top. Returning to the same spot with his girlfriend, he pushes her down the hole. And when she gets stuck in the hole he pushes her hard into it, before putting the heavy manhole cover back on.

If that didn’t seem wretched enough, he then runs off to get a bigger sheet of cardboard, brings it back and covers the manhole again, presumably so no passers-by could tell that there’s a manhole cover there. Luckily for the woman, known only as Guo, some people walking along the road could hear her screams. They helped her out, but this was only she had been trapped there for 60 hours. That’s three whole days. (This is one of our worst nightmares).

‘I did not sleep at all the first night I feel in the manhole,’ she told TVNZ.‘I could see the darkness around me. I thought that I would not be choked to death if I looked up.’ When the pedestrians helped her out of the hole, she was pale and swollen from being submerged in water for so long, and was only wearing underwear, as she had made her clothes into a ladder in an attempt to climb her way out. However, once she reached the manhole cover, it was too heavy for her to lift.

If there's any nuggets of hope in this story, it's that she survived the ordeal, some people were kind enough to rescue her from certain death and her (now ex, we’re betting) boyfriend is facing charges of attempted murder. Despite initially telling police that he had attempted to kill the woman because he was cheating on her, it was actually because he owed her 1000,000 yuan (£9,891). Police now believe the man had a gambling problem. Yeah, and the rest.

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