Chinese Woman Beaten To Death For Refusing To Give Out Number

Miss Wu, as authorities have named her, was a mother in her 20s, and was allegedly killed because she refused to give out her phone number


by Sophie Wilkinson |
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In grim news, a Chinese woman has been beaten to death by six men in a McDonald’s.

This attack, which took place in Zhaoyuan, eastern China, happened because one of the men, Mr Zhang (pictured), was furious with the woman – named locally as Miss Wu – after she refused to give him her number.

Reports say the men had wanted to recruit the woman into their cult by taking her number and beat her up after she refused to give it out. Regardless, Mr Zhang then beat her with a metal bar – taken from a mop in the restaurant – while people looked on.

The five men with him joined in by kicking Miss Wu in the head, and one onlooker filmed the incident before uploading the footage to the internet.

We’re taking the decision to not show it here; but trust us that it did happen, and it was incredibly graphic. We can’t imagine anyone’s got anything to gain from watching the footage, apart from the Chinese authorities, who, incidentally, have a police station opposite the McDonald’s where the murder happened.

Miss Wu, who was in her 20s, and a mother, died at the scene. Six members of the cult All Powerful Spirit (Quannengshen) have since been arrested.

According to MailOnline, Zhaoyuan police said that the members of the cult were collecting phone numbers in order to recruit more members.

Regardless of the men’s reasons for beating Miss Wu to death, it is an extreme example of what happens when women refuse.

Following the Isla Vista killings two weeks ago, a tumblr has been set up to highlight the stories of what happens when women refuse to engage with men in a way the men feel entitled to. WhenWomenRefuse has posted a link to the story, claiming it is ‘the latest example’ of this sort of violence.

It looks as if this sort of crime is – disgustingly – a worldwide phenomenon.

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