Adorable Chinese Couple Celebrate 64th Wedding Anniversary With A Photoshoot. Our Hearts


Adorable Chinese Couple Celebrate 64th Wedding Anniversary With A Photoshoot. Our Hearts

by Alyss Bowen |
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Today in news so cute it might make you cry, a Chinese couple celebrated 64 marvellous years of marriage with the cutest photoshoot ever.

The couple, from Handan in Hebei, China, met in 1952 after the husband went to his now wife to make a suit for him (she’s a seamstress) and then he fell in love. The tears are coming. So, to celebrate 64-years of marriage, he decided to get his wife to make him suits to represent moments shared in their lives, and document it all in a photoshoot. Actual tears now people, actual tears.


He even gave a speech at a family event to celebrate their marriage and thanked his 'wife, mother of their children and grandmother of their grandchildren for all the years of love they shared through thick and thin.' OH MY GOD.

For our year anniversary my boyfriend gave me a blank card because he didn’t know you had to write inside it. So if we ever get to 64 years I’ll probably receive a card, with actual writing inside it and that’ll be the lot.

The photoshoot pictures have now been placed on billboards across shopping centers in Hebei and our hearts now believe in true, long-lasting love. BRB just sending this story to my bf so he gets the memo that I want a better present for our next anniversary.

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