Chick Chick Is The New Gangnam Style So You Should Probably Watch It Now

Forget ‘Oppa Gangnam Style’, it's time for ‘CAW CAW CAW CAW-CAW’. Great.


by Stevie Martin |
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Remember Gangnam Style? What a stupid question. Anyway, Chinese pop singer Rong ‘Rollin’ Wang has released the new song that’s going to be ironically posted all over your Facebook timeline for the next few weeks; Chick Chick has racked up seven million views in a couple of weeks and the count is climbing at an astonishing rate. Mainly because it involves farm animals, chickens, wearable tech (yep) and a woman making very loud CAW CAW CAW sounds. It's also absolutely bonkers.

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Best (or rather, maddest) parts are: the incredibly slow, awful chicken dance that we can visualise people doing at weddings for the remainder of the year and the chorus, which is basically Rong making cawing noises while wearing a wedding dress. Oh, and the men wearing animal masks while dancing around topless in white shorts is pretty entertaining. And awful.

Word of warning: it might be worth turning the volume down slightly before playing this, because it’s a real assault on the eardrums.

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