Chelsea Clinton Avoids Billionth Question About Her Political Ambitions

She's not giving away any answers right now, though...


by Sophie Wilkinson |
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So, it seems like the obvious question to ask Chelsea Clinton – daughter of ex-POTUS Bill and potential future POTUS Hillary – when she's going to run for office. In fact, everyone’s doing it. When asked by Jimmy Fallon on his talkshow if she ever gets that question, she laughed and replied: ‘Very few days go by when people don’t ask me that question.’

And it’s been happening for a very long time. ‘One of my earliest childhood memories is being on the campaign trail with my dad in Arkansas and being three years old. I have this vivid memory of a woman coming up to me and saying, “So are you going to be the governor of Arkansas?” And I remember saying, “I'm three.”’ Which is a very good way of deflecting the question.

It doesn’t seem that Chelsea necessarily needs to go into politics to make a difference, though, as she was using her time on Jimmy Fallon to talk about the Clinton Global Initiative University.

This special university is for young people or ‘global changemakers’. It helps them to make their dreams – such as footballs which can power lightbulbs, apps to help people in the developing world work out if their medication is legit (counterfeit medications kill 700,000 people a year in developing countries, Chelsea says) – come true. As far as aspirations go, it certainly beats the old ‘kids just want to go on* X Factor* and kill each other over Facebook’ assumptions.

As for Chelsea’s plans for the future? So far she’s just telling us that she’s not telling us if she’ll run, so it’s anyone’s guess. However, she’s so good at dodging a question when it’s asked of her, she might as well make a career out of it and enter into politics, right?

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