Check Out The YouTube Stars Taking Off Their Makeup To Reveal Their Imperfections For Charity

A sign that the backlash against Photoshopped perfection is about to begin?


by Rebecca Holman |
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Social campaigns run by big companies don’t always feel as inspired as genuinely viral movements, but sometimes a brand will hit on a real gem - take camouflage make-up brand Dermablend’s recent Camo Confessions campaign.

The campaign encourages Dermablend customers to take their makeup off in front of the camera -revealing what’s underneath. The super-moving videos include collage volleyball coach and You Tube star Cheri Lindsay who suffers from vitiligo, a skin condition which causes depigmentation of the skin. She explains how make-up helps people see beyond her condition and understand who she is as a person.

Equally as amazing is model and You Tuber Cassandra Bankson who has suffered from severe acne since she was a child. Cassandra was severely bullied for her acne as a child, and although she used to use makeup to hide and cover up, she now uses it to express herself.

Both videos are seriously moving, and for every Camo Confession people share, Dermablend will donate $1 to Look Good Feel Better. Well played Dermablend, well played.

We’re loving the current penchant for presenting our ‘real’ selves on the Internet instead of a made-up, filtered version of who we really are. From the #ididntwakeuplikethis hash tag on Instagram finally proving that no-one looks that good first thing in the morning, to the rise of the ugly selfies. A sign that the backlash against Photoshopped is about to begin? Thank God for that…

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