These Are The Cheapest Times To Book Hotels Around The World This Summer


by Anna Brech |

The only thrill that beats booking a summer holiday is bagging a bargain in the process.

And luckily the folks over at TripAdvisor are here to help with this particular joy.

Their travel experts have analysed hotel pricing data across 28 popular cities around the world, to work out the cheapest times to book holidays to these places.

They've also figured out the savings you can make if you book within the time periods they recommend, as opposed to peak times.

The result is a tidy little algorithm that, if heeded, could put a few precious coins back into your wallet for that all-important poolside cocktail.

Heading to Brazil? Book a hotel six or seven months in advance ©Getty

The TripAdvisor research shows that some destinations work better by booking hotels well in advance. For other places, you're more likely to snag a bargain within a tight time frame.

Brits heading to the Middle East, for example, can save 19% on a hotel room when booking within two months of their summer trip.

If you're planning on travelling to Asia, booking a room within three months of your holiday can bag you 14% off the average summer hotel rate at its peak price.

The biggest savings can be made by people pounding a path to Budapest, who should book a room between three and five months from their visit to secure a 35% discount on the peak hotel room rate.

Those who fancy hopping on over to Rio de Janiero should book a hotel six or seven months in advance, to yield 21% off peak rates.

Find out more with TripAdvisor's Best Time To Book graphs, below.

Happy travels!


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