How To Gracefully Quit Your Job With Your Reputation Intact


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Bridget Jones executed one of cinema's most kick-ass work walkouts by delivering a killer one-liner that left boss Daniel Cleaver gaping in her wake.

But the real world rarely allows for such a punchy comeback moment.

And unless you're in a relationship with your manager who subsequently cheated on you (in which case, y'know, go ahead...), such a foolhardy approach is not advisable anyway.

Quitting your job is a decision that's fraught with conflicting emotions and it's important to handle it smoothly - no matter what your future holds.

Career expert Lynn Taylor, author of Tame Your Terrible Office Tyrant, has laid out exactly how you should work the process of handing in your notice.

She tells Business Insider that you should send a vague email to your boss asking for a catch-up (don't make it too specific or they may attempt to change your mind straight away).

Once you have your meeting, try to avoid saying "I'm quitting" outright.

Instead you should thank your manager for the opportunity they've given you and list all the things you're grateful for as a result of your role (it's a nice touch to give a nod to the team you've worked with at this point).

Explain that you've been offered a new exciting opportunity that you're keen to pursue. Be clear and concise, as you say that - while you've enjoyed working with your company - you are going to move on.

Taylor says you should be prepared for your boss to persuade you to stay, perhaps by means of a counter offer.

But, she says, keep in mind your reasons for quitting in the first place and try not to change your mind.

"Make one decision and stick with it," she advises.

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